Natec NAUTILUS Wired Keyboard

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NAUTILUS is a product for people who are looking for a modern, simple and reliable office keyboard.

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Comfort and reliability
Natec Nautilus is a product for people who are looking for a modern, simple, and reliable office keyboard. Its compact size and flat, quiet membrane keys will work not only in an open office space, but also in a home office.

Functional keys
The Natec Nautilus is equipped with flat, quiet buttons with an ergonomic shape that will allow you to use for hours without feeling tired. The keys have been coated with a protective layer of PU Coating that prevents the abrasion of prints, so you can enjoy an impeccable appearance for thousands of hours.

Multimedia function keys
The keyboard is equipped with 13 function buttons, which enable quick access to most popular actions. Manage apps and control volume, search for files or take control of your music! All the most important functions are at hand!

Splash resistance
Thanks to special liquid drainage holes, the design of Natec Nautilus is splash-proof. From now on, you do not have to worry about the consequences of spilling liquid on the keyboard. Work freely and do not worry about unpleasant surprises.

Plug and play. Simple.
Do you need a simple keyboard that will be ready to work even after connecting? Natec Nautilus does not require the installation of additional software. You can use it straight away after connecting.


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