Natec BARRACUDA Keyboard

 12.90 Inc. Vat

Low profile of the keyboard and a comfortable support.

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Convenience comes first
Natec Barracuda is the perfect choice for office workers. The low profile of the keyboard and a comfortable support will relieve your tired wrists, and the silent keys will keep things discreet whilst working.
Multimedia function keys
Give yourself freedom when using multimedia. With 12 function keys (F1-F12), one press of a button brings up the calculator, mail or music management.
Functional keys
Flat and quiet keys guarantee comfort and give typing experience similar to that of a laptop keyboard. Each of the buttons has been covered with a layer of protective varnish that prevents abrasion of the print (PU coating ).
Wrist support
An additional advantage of the keyboard is the elongated casing at the bottom, which supports the wrists and makes typing more comfortable. Proper hand positioning reduces fatigue and allows for greater efficiency.
Universal solutions
The keyboard has a USB connector so that it can be connected to most modern devices. The 1.8-meter cable allows you to freely place the keyboard at a distance from the computer.


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