Esperanza – EK122K LIBERTY Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Set

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Compact style wireless keyboard and mouse.

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Comfortable, pleasant to the touch, the latest generation of wireless multimedia keyboard with mouse. Sleek design, low-key keyboard and a smooth, shiny surface of the mouse to make it perfectly fit on the desk with other accessories. The keyboard has additional multimedia function keys. They make it easy: open My Computer, quick launch the web browser, email, calculator, and your favorite sites. Meanwhile, in a convenient way to control your media files directly via additional keys (available functions: previous track, next track, play / pause – Play / Stop, Mute – Mute the sound), and adjust the volume. The letters and symbols are printed in the latest UV technology and are coated with a special protective layer and the high resistance to abrasion. Made of high quality materials resistant to static electricity. Protected against electromagnetic interference generation. Kit works with both notebooks and desktops.

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